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No Pain Treatments! - We say No Pain is Still Gain - We Love LPG Endermologie

You know when you first plucked a hair off your eyebrow, or let's say your first armpit wax, suddenly the new relationship with beauty also had a long-term relationship with pain. Beauty is Pain... right?

Well today we're going to let you into some current beauty treatments that exist without having to hold hands with Mr. Pain!

Just two years ago, back in 2015, held record to the most cosmetic surgery conducted within the U.K., yet in 2016 the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) announced that records were nearly an all-time low within the decade! (www.baaps.org.uk) Figures dropped by about 40%. Maybe not everyone is so keen on the sudden investment and physical change one year to the next. Cosmetic surgery is a huge investment in both money and mentality. Time is less of an investment in comparison to commitments like exercise or dieting, since within one or two procedures, you're a new soul if you want to be. This prospect is so attractive that over 6,000 Brits still decided to go under the knife for a face/chin lift and/or a liposuction treatment in 2016 - despite this figure being over 40% less than the year before.

As mentioned, cosmetic surgery is still a huge decision and while some people are convinced that pain is gain we would like to introduce to you treatments that allow you to beg the differ! We will be looking at treatments including LPG Endermologie and IPL Super Hair Removal on how they work and what the procedures are. Hopefully by shedding light on some alternative options, we can provide you with the loving belief that 'No Pain is Still Gain!'


At Maple Salon we make the effort to provide forefront treatments that are non-invasive yet effective and we absolutely love our LPG Enderomologie M6 machine. While some refer the look of the machine to Dr. Who's Daleks, be sure that ours is no 'exterminating' machine but much more of a skin-loving and pain-free R2D2.

Endermologie is a mechanical tissue simulation therapy developed by LPG, a French company dedicated to non-aggressive and non-invasive technologies in the beauty industry. As their director Nathalie Guitay perfectly puts it:

"For 30 years, LPG® has been innovating with patented technologies capable of optimizing tissue health, and with beauty as the only side effect. We are convinced that respecting the skin and its ecology is the key to preserving youth. endermologie® thus appears as a 3rd possible way between too aggressive aesthetic solutions that are potentially harming in the long term, and cosmetic solutions with limited, superficial effects. No need to choose between visible results and respecting our body any longer." (https://www.endermologie.com/en/the-brand/)

We have come to love our LPG Cellu machine because it can work both on the body and the face! The Endermologie treatments are so gentle that some clients are actually surprised by how zero-pain it is. What's fantastic isn't the fact that it's painless, it's that the treatments have results!

For the face there are endermolift treatments, ranging from treatments that sculpts the face to ones perfect before a red carpet night out with skin brightening. As for the body there is lipomassage, treatments to aid fat reduction, smoothing cellulites and firming!

Face Endermolift Treatments: Smooth Wrinkles/ Firm Skin/ Clarify Complexion/ Reduce Double Chin

Body Lipomassage Treatments: Release Fat/ Smooth Cellulite/ Firm Skin/ Resculpt the Body/ Reducing Water Retention

How It Works

How Endermologie treatments work is all around physical stimulation to body tissue and cells, especially the skin, to aid the optimal function. It uses gentle suction and/or motorised rollers to exercise layers of the skins, exercising adipocytes (your fat storage cells) and fibroblasts (your youth cells) to achieve astonishing results. By varying the pulse at which the LPG Cellu machine works at, different layers are worked on. It is also because the treatment is trying to target the different depths of skin and just underneath the skin, that the mechanical stimulation is so gentle - if it was any harder or painful, it would probably be targeting your organs instead!

LPG Endermologie® has created these very impressive videos that explains the face and body treatment theory effectively, and videos are good! (Because reading can be a bore at times.) The videos are between 3-5mins, and while it might play out on what seems like an X-Files theme song remix, they definitely explain everything very well. Definitely one of those who likes the science behind things! You'll find them at the end of the post if you're interested.

What We Love

We absolutely love the fat reduction treatments as it works hand-in-hand with exercise! The lipomassage treatment can stimulate lipolysis, your fat burning process, and when paired with a 30 minute exercise session - could be the gym or just a power walk - the body will burn more fat that was stored than you would with just exercise on its own! So after a loving, rhythmically stimulating treatment from the Cellu M6 machine, you can reserve your energy to tackle a 30 minute exercise session and look forward to that desired physique! All in a shorter time and not taking that drastic action in going under the cosmetic knife! It's also a lot more rewarding knowing that you achieved everything really due to your determination - the lipomassage is there to support that determination and fuel it into results.

For results, it is recommended that a course of treatments between 6 to 10 individual sessions is taken, usually lasts between 20-40 minutes for each session. Planned treatments are spread over a period of a month or two with more regular treatments to start with (2 sessions a week) and then more occasionally (once a week) to finish. Up keep treatments are great every fortnight or once a month depending on what you're aiming for.

That occasional one-off treatment would be the clarifying complexion treatment, we like to called it 'Glowing Complexion' treatment and it's great for events and dates that you want to look that extra more radiant for. Whether it be a job interview, a date or a night out, this is the one-off treatment you could see Endermologie work its magic. Of course, if you're looking to have radiant skin for the long-run, courses can be integrated with your regular facial treatments to keep that healthy glow and will get people envying.

Hopefully we've given you a fresh insight into this alternative 'no pain is still gain' treatment and if you have any further questions feel free to drop us a message!

Next Time...

We will introduce to you about our IPL Super Hair Removal Treatment - a pain-free permanent hair removal treatment that can leave you saying goodbye to those 'Ouch'ing waxing days! Definitely something you would like to know about - we promise!

LPG Endermologie® Face

LPG Endermologie® Body