Indian Head

Reduce daily stress and headaches with a firm head massage using mainly the palm of the hand. This massage helps reduce inflammation amongst the circulatory system to the head, allowing oxygen to flow more readily to the brain and reducing headaches.

£30 for 30mins

Reflexology Foot Massage

Massaging the pressure points of the foots can benefit you in pain relief, body circulatory and organ functionality improvements.

£30 for 30mins

Relaxing & Well-being

If you're looking to relax with a pain-free massage, choose this to gently ease out muscular tiredness and improve blood circulation across the body.

£30 for 30mins

Lymphatic Drainage

Do you feel you lymphatic nodes blocked creating a lot of knots? This massage with tackle to root cause of most aches and pains resulted from these blocked lymph nodes. It's not the most relaxing massage, but if you have repetitive strains and prolonged aches and pains, this will be your key to recovery.

£30 for 30mins

Thai Oil

Looking for something beyond from just being relaxing? Thai oil massge is a firmer massage style to relaxing & well-being, yet lighter-handed than deep tissue, to help the body regain it's fully operational state

£50 for 1 Hour

Hot Stone

Feel the healing powers of continuous heat emitted from volcanic basalt rocks combined with a firm-pressured massage. A relaxing massage especially during the colder months yet beneficial in improving blood circulation and removal of muscle tension.

£60 for 1 Hour

Herbal Poultice Ball

Herbal Poultice Ball massages utilises knowledge within natural botanical remedies to tackle particular body problems. Particularly beneficial in helping damaged or pulled muscles recover.

£60 for 1 Hour

Sport & Deep Tissue

Sport training can develop accumulative strain in the muscles if the time and care was not taken to warm up or cool down. Sport massage will help you stretch your muscles with the therapist's help and the Deep Tissue massage will ensure that the muscles are stimulated to aid recovery and health maintence.

£60 for 1 Hour

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Massage Treatment

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